Anmeldeschluss Rugby Sommerturniere Sa 18.04.09

Hallo Zusammen,

Für alle Männer, welche sich noch nicht für die Turniere eingetragen haben, der Anmeldeschluss ist der kommende Samstag 18. April!

Da wir dieses Jahr gemeinsam mit den Frauen ein Thema für St. Gallen haben werden, müssen wir die Shirts schnellst möglich bestellen…

Hi All,

for all then men who hasn’t subscribed for the summer tounements yet, the deadline is next saturday April 18th. We have together with the Girls a theme this year for the St. Gallen 10’s. Therefor we need to order the Shirts as soon as possible….

Thanks for subscribing,

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  1. Hola Dani, as you know i am still in Venezuela but i have plans to travel by the second week of june…can´t live without my love!!!;)
    So, please take note of my subscribed date. I would like to go to all of them but it is imposible for me. I am waiting for the Swiss embasy permition to travel (visa).
    Is there any problem to participate with the club if i haven feel any from, or pay the year membership yet? No uniform? Guys I just want to play with the RCL.

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