Another great weekend for Rugby in Luzern!

The girls having already won the game due to a forfeit as Yverdon had only 6 or 7 girls, still played with some of the Luzern girls taking it in turns to play with the Yverdon ladies to make up the numbers. (I guess it was 10s in the end).

Even though there was some frustration from the Luzern girls with things not always going their way. (Yverdon were tough, with Judith and Catoche having strong games). I enjoyed the match to watch as a spectator, it was great to see the effort that was put in by everyone, particularly the new girls, with some playing their first game on the weekend.Well done to Irsa, Jasmin, Selina!!

It was a good day for the men’s team as well; they had a great win against Neuchatel. It was also a great game to watch with the Luzern boys playing very sensible and controlled rugby. I was very impressed.  

Well done to everyone involved.

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