Long Awaited Home Victory

Despite the sudden return of winter during the last week our pitch was in perfect – snow-free – condition. Every member of the home team committed to a focused and determined mind set, Every player on the pitch wanted to show to the home crowed what they are capable of. Read more to find out how it worked out.

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Spring Season Home Game Opener

It’s spring time in Luzern and the well known team from Würenlos came to town. The experienced guests won the game over a young Luzern team that is still in development. Every one watching from the sideline could see the great improvement the home team made during winter break. With that spirit we will continue.

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Luzern return home with loss

The Rugby Club showed its full potential during the last twenty minutes of the game, but had to take the defeat not only because of an unlucky decision at the end.
But no one else is to blame for the outcome of the game then ourselves.

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