Automatic mailing when a posting is published

This is a test post just to show you the automatic mail functionality. I trust you received a mail.

The email is nothing special, but (I think) it is exactly what we need, a link and a short note telling RCL members both men and women that something is new on the site.

How it works: If you want a mail to be generated for a new posting, mark the “Notify Subscribers” as “Yes” and an email will be sent to all persons in our mailing list when you publish a posting. Note: It only works when a posting is published. So if you want to generate a mail for a posting that is already published, you have to save the posting as a draft (No longer published), and then publish it again.


Also note: The mailling list is mantained by admin user (me at the moment). For now I have only just set our email addresses to the mailing list, but when we are ready to go live with the site, I will add all the email addresses I have for RCL members to the list.

Talk you latest on Thursday, have fun.