Chris Stuart is chosen as the Women’s 7’s National trainer.

The English trainer of the Dangels – Chris Stuart – was asked if he would take over the job of training the Women’s 7’s National team. After considerable thought, he decided to take up the challenge. The goal is for the Swiss girls to quailify for the 2009 World Cup. To do this they must do well at the qualification tournament during the “Pfingstwochenende” 2007 in Croatia.

The pre-selection for the team has taken place with three members of the Dangels – Esti Duss, Carole Casparis and Sarah Burri – making the pre-selection. The final team will be selected after the 2nd training weekend being held on May 5th/6th 2007.

Good luck to Esti, Carole and Sarah! What a combination these three make! Who knows how far they will go?!