Congratulation to Stuarts!

Congratulation to Sarah and Chris, with Sarah giving birth to a baby boy “Roy Niilo Stuart” yesterday lunch time.

Roy was born 49 cm in length & weighed a healthy 3640g, he also has very big balls according to Chris. Which he will certainly need, if he has to live up the clubs expectation, playing rugby in about 16 years.

Both baby and Sarah are doing fine!! And Sarah is happy to be back!



  1. whooshkaa! This must be a new front-rower for RCL. Hope i’m not gonna play against little Stuart when he’s 16…

    Alles gueti ond vell Gsundheit!

    C U along…

  2. Hey congrats again!!!! like I said yesterday, little ROY Stuart is a very cute and super cool baby! you two did a good job:-)

  3. Congratulations !!!! He is beautiful, he’ll have girls running after him in no time.
    Well done and i can’t wait to finaly get to play rugby with you Sara.

    A baby will make love stronger
    Days shorter, Nights longer
    Bankroll smaller, Clothes shabbier,
    The past forgotten,
    And the future worth living for.

    With babies come toys
    and a whole world of joys,
    and all kinds of fun things to do…
    With babies come laughter
    and love ever after…
    With babies,
    sweet dreams all come true.

  4. Congratulations!!! Hope you are all doing well and having lots of joy with the new member of the Stuart family!

  5. Hey, danke för all üchi Glöckwünsch a eus 3 !!! De Roy isch jetzt scho es chlises Frässmonster und eusi Nächt e chli chürzer….ABer en riiise Schnüggel!
    Big Hug, the Stuart Family

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