Dangels at the 6th Developement Tournament in Monthey

The Dangels traveled to Monthey with nine players and one U18 player. Since this time only 7s was played, it was clear that almost every time all the players would be on the field. In the morning, however, there was a training session where basic rugby abilities were practiced. After lunch, the games started: In the first game, the Dangels competed against Zurich. Since among the eight players were only two backs, one can imagine that they tended to shine with Forwards moves. The game went well; as well in the defense, everyone showed great commitment. The Dangels already won the first game. Unfortunately, Angi (Elmi) hurt her knee just before the final whistle, and dropped out for the rest of the day. The Dangels were now only seven. In addition, Paulina had to play three games as referee. The second game against Zug, however, they won because they were not only technically but also physically superior to the young Zug team. The opponents made only one try. After a rather long break, the Dangels played against Basel. They noticed that their strength was dwindling and that the Basel girls had many more players. When Paulina also hurt herself, Viola from Basel had to support the Dangels. Nevertheless, the game was very balanced. The Dangels finally won with a narrow lead. In the last game against Cern, the Dangels again received support from Basel – as did the team from Cern, which was also decimated. Although it looked temporarily bad for the Dangels, they gathered their strength again at the end of the game and won. Four games, four wins – a good rugby-day! Coach Stew was visibly proud and did not regret the long journey. Player of the day was Paulina, who was a full-time referee and player. By the way, Cynthia also won with her team at the U18 tournament!

(by Bea)

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