Dangels beat Swiss Champions from Zürich!

Early in the season the Lucerne Dangels faced their strongest oponent – the GC Zürich Valkyries (swiss champions 2011) – on Saturday. Remembering the bitter defeat in spring the Dangels were eager for revenche. They started with big pressure into the 80min. of 15s Rugby. Zürich’s defence was strong but the Dangels managed to run around and score one try. Being up ust 5:0 at half time nothing was decided (yet). Thanks to the great performance of the Lucerne forwards, who were dominating rucks, line-outs and scrums, the backs got heaps of chances to do their magic. But the experienced backline seemed to have nervous “dropping-ball-hands” and some missunderstanigs in their moves. Finally they pulled themselves together and were able to break through the Valkyries (missing their starting nr.10 after half-time due to an injury) with fast runs 3 times. Being up 4 tries, the Dangels could relax a little.

But Zürich never stopped fighting and finally their full-back, Christa, scored a try in the corner. One more try for Lucerne sealed the deal and the Dangels won 36:5.

An important win early this season, which puts the Dangels on top of the table in swiss womens rugby!


Devil: Gemma & Hildi (Gemma’s first scrum-half-pass hit Hildi right into her face)

Angel: Tammie (amazing fwds skills, great flanker, super tackles)

Tries: Lala (2), Lolli-Carole (3)


The two teams left their rivality on the pitch and started what they do best together: PARTYPARTYPARTY

Without mentioning any names there was some hard-core jumping off the Kappelbrücke in underwear, some making-out with the rugbyboys and lots of serious talks about rugby in Switzerland….


Meeting up on Sunday morning at legends to watch the rugby world cup with a hang-over and 3 Zürich girls still in Lucerne (including Dumbolina, she has some new tattoos…), all we can say about yesterday:

Great day- great gwin – great party.

Sunday morning in the pub with Dumbolina…

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