Luzern Dangels 27 : 0 Cern Wildcats – Captain’s Report
This weekend I discovered the best thing about being Captain of the Dangels – you get to choose Angel & Devil of the game, which means you cannot BE the Devil of the game. I started the day (i) being 20 minutes late (ii) leaving the post-match beer (and my husband & children) stranded in France by taking both car keys with me.

Before the game everyone was thinking of all the Dangels who could NOT play: last season’s top try scorer Heidi, this season’s top try scorer Judith, Swiss 7’s captain Carole & our El-Capitano Sarah.

We were happy to get to game-day & think about the players who CAN play. 12 of us for this game, Cern came with only 8. We played 9 a-side & all three Dangels replacements played for Cern eventually: BIG thank-you to Andrea, Jeannie & Sabi. I would rather play with you than against you!

We made life really difficult for ourselves the whole game. When we played good, simple rugby we scored some nice tries: good scrummaging by the forwards, nice hands in the backs, super finishing from Lea & Lala. Rucking, communication etc… was not so good. Defence shape was not great – they had a lot of overlaps – but out tackling was pretty good & the Wildcats never really looked like scoring. It was good to get a hard, physical (French 😉 ) game under our belts & now look forward to the rest of the season.

Off to Pickwicks to celebrate our victory

Another FAIL for me as Captain – no getting legless & dancing on the bar, which I believe is part of the duties – I hope someone picked that up for me after I left!

Angel of the Match: for great support, hard running & great tackling goes to Isa.
Devil of the Match: for breaking her leg & not playing – Carole. Gute Besserung!

Next weekend – Bern away – bring it!

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