Dangels continue their unbeaten season

The Dangels have had a great start to the season with 3 home games in a row, they made it 3 from 3 on Saturday with a 79-5 victory against Konstanz.

Konstanz came with exactly 11 players and we played 11 a-side, using some Luzern replacements to help Konstanz in the 2nd half.

The Konstanz team are relatively inexperienced, but they put up stronger opposition than the scoreline suggests, even when the first-up tackles were missed, their scrambling defence was good & they made us work for every try.

The team is adjusting to Andy’s tactics and we saw them working well yesterday, the forwards & centres making the hard yards close in, opening up space on the outside which Carole more than made the most of!
We played hard from the 1st minute to the last, ending the game with a well worked try for Julia providing great support for Sarah Mac & Petra.
Konstanz rarely had the ball and when they did we were able to secure turnover relatively quickly. The only exception being when Gemma made us pay the price for having her play for the opposition and worked a nice loop with the Konstanz winger & sprinted down the touchline to score.

The team is now on the road for a couple of weeks to our French-speaking opponents in Geneva & Yverdon; next home game October 15th v. Basel.

Following last week’s party, I decided to get back to Basel early in the evening 🙂 it sounds like this week’s party was just as messy – good effort ladies!

Tries: Carole (5), Lala (2), Sarah Mac (2), Judith, Julia, Petra, Sarah Stuart
Conversions: Carole (6), Sarah Mac (1)

Angel of the Game: Carole – brilliant running from full-back
Devil of the Game: Gemma – scoring Konstanz’s only try

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