Dangels steamroll Basel Birds

Another brilliant performance by the Dangels today with their win over the Basel Birds. It was a closely contested match with the Dangels running in 12 tries to none! 😉

Tri-scorers today were Heidi, El Capitano, Cynthia, Petra, Esti and of course Carole. Sorry if I left anyone out! Well done to all!!! Cynthia’s conversions are also improving…I think she got 2 out of 10 today…or something like that 😉

We played 2 x 20minutes and scored in what seemed like the first minute of the match! The backs did their magic and forwards also got a lot of ball, with Cynthia swatting away all the Basel players. Cynthia even managed a great tackle on Sarah McNamara, who was the key player in the Basel team. Petra did one better and almost gave Sarah M. a nose job! 🙂

Line-outs were great with Lea stealing all the line-out balls from the opposition! Credit also to Cynthia and Angie for pushing Lea up in the air for her to get the ball 😉 Scrums were not so good and needs a bit of work!

Great game Dangels! Let’s keep training hard as we can only get better!!!

Thanks to all the spectators who came along to support us!

Stacks On!!!

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