Easy Semis win for RCL Men over Lausanne2

Veni, vidi, vici – simple as that.

RCL Men’s team enjoy a handy 38-10 victory over Lausanne2 in Allmend, May 21.

It seems a long, long time ago that we last played Lausanne2. Scraping a last minute victory in a tight game in Allmend did not suggest this RCL team would eventually breeze into the league final. A quick, sharp start was demanded, and that’s what was supplied. A far more confident display was demonstrated from the kick-off, and a belief in this team’s superiority over any opposition in this league was finally shown.

The backs were set up by great forward play from a line-out, the ball went along the whole back line with style and quick hands. Two more tries followed. The continuous, open play was impressive, with RCL playing phase after phase with impressive consistency and speed. From the outset, this RCL team was on its way to the final.

At times, concentration dipped and the cohesion in the pack that is needed was missing. Determined and brave individual play from many forwards needed to be combined with a unified effort. Still, a pack with many changes managed well, and caused Lausanne2 great difficulty in the loose. As stated in previous posts, this team is gelling well, and experience is growing just at the right time.

The game was never in danger, and all the subs were used: a sign of a team in fine form; confident and ready to run the ball.

Regardless of who wins in tomorrow’s semi final between Zurich2 & Monthey, RCL are ready for them.

Final score: Luzern 38 – 10 Lausanne2

Tries: Remo, Juan, Dani (2), Dominik

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