RCL Dangels v Cern Wildcats



Date Time League Season
Saturday, Apr 16, 2016 15:00 National League Female A 2015/16

Match report

A first home game in Basel for the Dangels will be remembered for a performance that started slowly but improved as the game went on and finished in style. CERN provided tough opposition and were unfortunate not to get more points than a solitary penalty. This was down to solid tackling and good teamwork from the Dangels, who really took the game away from the visitors from the 30th minute onwards and never looked back.

A solid display by the forwards at set-pieces and in open play under-pinned an attacking performance that took most of the first half to really get going, but saw some excellent handling in the backs thereafter and a couple of particularly pleasing team tries.

Penalties were mostly conceded at the ruck, for offside and hands in. More discipline is required to cut these out, as we will concede more points in future if not. However this was a good performance full of great team play and backed by a vocal crowd. There is one more game left and the battle to regain the league title has already begun!


Carole x 4
Henni x 2
Esti x 1
Angie x 1

Angel of the Match: Wespi. Was part of an exceptional performance from the front three, kept running the ball at CERN and never stopped for 80 minutes. A great example to all.
Devil of the Match: Angie. Had her Bachelorette party afterwards in Basel with the whole team and the horns looked good on her!
Beers for: Carole. CERN voted her best player and she scored some great tries again, well done!

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