RCL Dangels v Entente Mermigans



Date Time League Season
Saturday, Apr 21, 2018 15:00 National League Female A 2017/18

Match report

Under bright blue skies and summerly temperatures, the Dangels welcomed the Mermaids from Nyon-Monthey at Lucerne’s Allmend. Overall, it was a great game for the Dangels.
From the kick-off, they were able to set the pace and lay the first try after a short time. And it went on: The Dangels kept hold of the ball almost the whole game. They could implement most of what they recently in training. They played as a team and used their strengths. Every now and then, a fast player could break through the opposing defense – and the support was almost always there. At halftime, the score was 15-0 for the Dangels.
In the second half, the Dangels kept the level high, although they showed some signs of fatigue. However, they continued to dominate the game and managed to score some great tries. The result was 34-0. That the score was not higher was due to the strong defense of Nyon-Monthey: The Mermaids tackled consistently. In addition, the Dangels conceded some inexplicable penalties directly in front of the opposing try line, which piled up towards the end of the game.
Overall, it was a successful and enriching game. The only major downer: Jasi broke her wrist and will not be able to play for the rest of the season.
Wings: Julia – fürs Fliegen!
Horns: Judith – für ihr im Weg stehen…

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