RCL Dangels v Entente Redzones



Date Time League Season
Saturday, Oct 21, 2017 13:00 National League Female A 2017/18

Match report

The second home game of the season took place on a beautiful autumn day. It was clear, that it would become a great rugby day, as not only the Dangels met their hardest opponent, but also the men’s team fought against Solothurn afterwards. The Redzones had arrived with only 14 players, it was clear that it would be a conditionally intense match from the start. Therefore, the Dangels had one additional substitute – which they needed it in the end. From the start, the opponents lived up to their reputation. It was a hard and intense game. Nevertheless, thanks to good interaction, the Dangels made some breakthroughs and soon took the lead. They did not show their usual starting difficulties, but were concentrated right away. In addition, they kept getting better all the time, so the opponents did not have a chance towards the end. Even small mistakes such as the one of Oumou, who missed the tryline after a terrific breakthrough, couldn’t change it. In the second half, the Redzones collected about 15 penalties (mostly due to hands in rucks), which gave the Dangels the opportunity to score points. Although the home team showed a very good game, they had to complain too many injuries. Lala and Judith had to be replaced within the first half hour. Jenny also injured herself and shortly before the end of the game, Bea was unable to continue due to injury, so that the final minutes were played 13 against 13. The game ended with a 35:12 win for the Dangels. Players of the day: Mire (Wings), Oumou (Horns)
By the way, it was the last match of Lolli as a Dangel: She has meanwhile moved to Malta. Lolli, we will genuinely miss you!

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