RCL Dangels v Albaladejo Rugby Ladies



Date Time League Season
Saturday, Mar 23, 2019 13:00 National League Female A 2018/19

Match report

Match Report

In most beautiful spring weather (which also caused the one and other sunburn) the Dangels welcomed Alba in Lucerne. For the first time ever that they met the team from Lausanne, who were promoted last season and became a serious opponent.
The Dangels started well and were able to score their first try shortly after kick-off. Just five minutes into the game, the score was 7 to 0. But then the team from Lausanne showed that they shall not be underestimated: their attack put pressure on the Dangels. The home team fought in their own half in defense and had several Penalties against them. One of them Alba used to aim for the posts – but the ball didn’t hit the target.

Slowly, the Dangels came back into their game. Thanks to good teamwork and strong pressure on the opponents, they scored another try. Before half-time, the Dangels continued to play sovereign, brought Alba and their defense under pressure and scored more tries. Among them was a successful interception including a sprint over half the pitch by Sarah Mac. At half time the score was 24 to 0 for the Dangels.

The second half was more difficult. The players showed signs of fatigueness, their defense slowed down. Alba showed a good game and several times a rescue tackle was needed to keep them from scoring. Towards the end, the Dangels regained the upper hand and scored two more tries. In the end the scoreboard said 36 to 0 for Lucerne.

Tries: TazMac, ElCapitano, Selä, Captian Tschuulia, Jasi, Lala
Convertions: Selä (3)

Wings: Lala and Selä – for brilliant teamwork on the backline
Horns: Anouk – for taking 3 hours recognizing missing her boots

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