RCL Dangels v Cern Wildcats



Date Time League Season
Saturday, Mar 24, 2018 13:00 National League Female A 2017/18

Match report

The weather was great on this Rugby-Day: the sun was shining on Lucerne all day. However, the RCL was less fortunate – both home teams suffered a defeat.

The Dangels competed against the Cern Wildcats in their first game this spring. Those brought all their top players and improved a lot since last season. The home team came under pressure right at the beginning. For the first 20 minutes, the Dangels did not get over the middle line and were forced to defend their tryline. The defense was great during those 20 minutes – until the Wildcats finally made a try; 5-0 for the opponents.

Although the Dangels could then turn up a bit, they were not aggressive enough in the rucks and lallowed the fast Wildcats to break through too often. They scored another try just before half time, 12-0 for Cern. Only thanks to try saving tackles, the result was not higher.

In the second half things went a little better for the Dangels. Several times they were able to break through the defense of the opponents (including two beautiful runs of Esti), but were stopped before making any points.

Nevertheless, they made it to 5-12 in the last third of the game. However, the Dangels remained in the role of the defender until the end, which was very tiring. Therefore, the Wildcats managed to score another two times. In the end, the standing was 26-5 for Cern.

Angel of the match: Wespi (welcome back!)
Devil of the match: Selä (welcome back, too!)

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