FANTASTIC start for the Dangels into spring rugby season!


Saturday before our first game of the spring rugby season, everybody seemed super nervous. We finished last Fall unbeaten, top of the table in Switzerland and therefore had big expectations on ourselves. With lots of injuries and a couple pregnancies (stop *******) our list of available girls was getting smaller every day. In order to keep up with the goal to play 15s-Rugby in the Womens league, our coaching-crew offered the Basel-Birds (who don’t have a team in the league atm) to join us. So one more test of our nerves, playing 15s-aside (for some the first time), 80min. with a new line-up for our very first game after a long and cold winter.


Thanks to great preparation training and a good warm-up, we were ready to kick ass from the first minute of the game. The Geneva Wildcats responded quickly. They were eager to challenge us with hard contact, strong running and good kicking.

Towards the end of the first half it was obvious that we were dominating the game, being up some tries to zero. This was possible to good teamwork; very strong forwards plays, which made it easy for the backs to run through and even some great forwards breaks.

Starting into the second half, we could calm our nerves a bit more, made less mistakes and our structure got better. The Wildcats did not give up though, they wanted a try. But until the very last minute we made it too hard for them to score and when the final whistle blew it was Dangels 72 :0 Wildcats.


What a TEAM-WIN! We played together as one unit and it was a great start for our up comming games to defend the top of the table.

Tries: Julia, Henni, Esti, Cynthia, TazMac, Lolli

Angel : Schlumpf, great strong runs and tackles as inside centre

Devil : Tigger … no comment… hehe


Thanks to our great coaches: Chris, Luke and Paul!

Thanks to our fans on that day !

Basel Birds : Welcome to the Dangels!

First game : Alin, well done !

Next (and last) home game : April 6th vs. Bern Devils






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