Follow up: RCL – LUC

Well, it didn’t quite work out how it should have!!

It was like the first few matches of the season – pretty strong all round performance but lacking the punch and organistation and confidence to really pull it together. We need to be more organised and to react quicker in certain key areas – rucking is still particularly weak. Line out¨s were mixed – we need to win key attacking line outs and create orgnaised strong attacking routines.

The last 2 matches will now be tough with quite a few people out injured. This will though be a good chance to use different players in different positions to increase the depth of experience in the side – but we still need to keep extremely focused!!

Get down to training and keep the motivation high!!!

Oh, and by the way, if you’re going to hit someone, do it properly – but I’m trainer so I didn’t say that.

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