Game details new season – Dangels

Hey Dangels,

The new game plan is out for the coming season.

Please let the “Esti” know which game you can or can not make, so she knows if we will be short or not for any of the matches. We can than try to move a match if possible.

Below are the games. Note the time are not yet definite. So if you can’t make a game because you are at work, but could make it if the game was earlier or later, let Esti know because maybe we can change to kick-off time. Note: We will try and play all our home games at 13:00.

Try and get the info back to Esti as soon as possible.

A32 22.09.2007 15:00 Cern Feminin
Luzern Dangels

A41 06.10.2007 15:00 Luzern Dangels
Zurich Valkyries

A52 20.10.2007 12:00 Red Devils Bern
Luzern Dangels

A22 27.10.2007 13:00 Basel Birds
Luzern Dangels

A13 03.11.2007 13:30 Luzern Dangels
Yverdon Amazones

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