Hard Win over Zurich

Match Report Dangels vs Zurich
Already ahead of the game, it was clear that it would be a difficult one for the Dangels: many players had been injured two weeks previously at the encounter with Bern, and so several Dangels had to play in unfamiliar positions that they had barely (or not at all) practiced. In addition, Zurich is usually an opponent who physically demands the utmost. Therefore, from the beginning the match was a hard and exhausting fight. Even though the Dangels had to defended mainly in their own half, the opponents were not able to score. There were not many chances for own Tries. Both teams made a try in the first half; the standing was 5:5 at halftime. It remained exciting, although from then on the game took place mainly in the half of the Zurich team. The persistence of the Dangels was rewarded: they placed another try and were leading again. Towards the end of the game, the Zurich team put a lot of pressure on the Dangels, so that at times they almost looked like they were breaking through. However, the Dangels defended with their last powers the longest last phase ever, so they finally won with 10:5.
Player of the game: Wings for Esti, because she always makes the extra effort and Horns for Mire, she forgot the wings at home …

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