Big victory for the Dangels in Geneva

Match-Report: 16.10.2021 Dangels vs. Switzers

The Dangels met the young Switzers team in Geneva on October 16 in wonderful rugby weather. And what can you say … they were extremely successful: the end result was 74-0. However, although they clearly dominated the game, the Dangels were not entirely satisfied with their performance as a team. Many tries were the result of single players going alone. In addition, there were far too many penalties that the Dangels left to their opponents. The huge victory also makes the the Switzers look bad, but they put up a good resistance and also put the Dangels under pressure a few times. Not enough to score, however. Nonetheless, it was a great rugby game and a deserved win for the Dangels.

Wings: Tina (our great Fullback and Kicker)

Horns: Bea (for giving everything in preparation and destroying parts of her appartement)

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