Lucerne Dangelinnen had a hard game against the Zürich Grashoppers…

Last Saturday the Lucerne Dangels had their first home-&championship game of the new season. The 12 Dagnels girls met early to warm up seriously and to be ready for the strong opposition (Swiss Champions Season 07’/08′) from Zürich.

Right after Kick-Off the Zürich Grashoppers were dominating the 10-a-side-game, having their top team playing. Still the Dangels didn’t make it easy for them. After being 3 tries behind, the Dangels came back and scored a try with conversion. At this point the game seemed to change and the Dangels gained control. But Zürich took over again and scored an other 3 tries. With a couple of new players and some small injuries on the Lucerne team, the dangels had to fight until the end and it was a hard game for them. But it was also a big challenge and super-duper-rugby-weather… it was great fun to play!

Final score: Zürich Grashoppers 34:7 Lucerne Dangels

Angel of the game: Richi, very well done first time hooking and Congratulations to your first game!!!

Devil of the game: Lala, also played good for her first game, but unfortunately was late… Congratulations also to your first league game!!!

To Cynthia: Get well! Thanks for your effort!

Thanks for all the supporters on the sideline! It is always nice to play at home thanks to you all!

Anyway, the Dangels season just started…so time to PLAY EVEN HARDER NOW GIRLS!

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