Luzern Dangels 32 – 5 Nyon-Monthey Mermigans



13951_875111865879045_101540627392637205_n The Women’s Swiss XV Championship is secured for a fourth consecutive season after another formidable team performance on home ground on Saturday. Never a team to under-estimate the opposition, the emphasis in training during the week before was on communication and decision-making.

The first period of play saw the two teams evenly matched with the Dangels mauling well but not making ground.

12 minutes in, Ylva made a long run to put Julia into a scoring position. 5:0. The Mermaids’ subsequent kick off did not make 10 metres and the Dangels were able to retain possession with the forwards dominating scrums for a time.

A long period of equal play was broken by a superb try from Carien to make the score 10-0. Coming on in as a substitution, Judith changed the balance of the game, making some considerable distance with the ball. But alas, no further score was achieved in the first half.


Half time saw coach Chris highlighting the high penalty count, mainly due to off the feet handling in rucks and too much aggression in the scrum with early pushing.

The re-energised Dangels came out fighting at the restart.

12 minutes in, Viola made ground to feed the ball to Henni, who battled over the line to bring the score to 15-0.

Three quarters of the way through the 2nd half saw a great move by the Dangel’s backs with the ball passing across the pitch through Lea, Sarah and Lala’s quick hands to put Henni over the line for her second try. 20-0.

Two  minutes later, Miriam brought the score to 25-0. It was Miriam’s first try for the Dangels in an official 15s-game! Congrats!

The energised Dangels stepped up a gear and Eva made her contribution to the try count. 30-0. After many practice attempts at goal, Ylva made her first conversion of the day to bring the score to 32-0.

Full credit to Nyon/Monthey, they never gave up during the course of the game. Their persistence and some poor defence by the Dangels, was rewarded with a try on 39 minutes into the second half, their first of the season. The subsequent celebration was exuberant to say the least.

Final score 32-5


Angel Wings:      Ylva – Great Performance and first conversion

Horns:                 Sarah Stuart – self selected for all the team-mistakes.

Beers for:            Lala – impressive Performance


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