Luzern defeat Zurich2 in 9-try thriller

What was that about our nasty habit of leaving it until the last minute to secure a victory? OK, so we’re getting better: it’s now only in the last 10 mins…

Luzern Men’s team defeat league-leaders Zurich2 32 – 21 in a 9-try match at Allmend, April 30.

We started off somewhat slow, failing to dictate the game from the outset. Perhaps too much respect for the opposition? Zurich led for much of the game, scoring 3 tries themselves. Our backs, however, showed what ability they had, implementing moves recently learned and showing a tactical awareness not previously seen. As stated before, this team is gelling quickly, developing into a quality outfit.

The forwards had a hard time in the scrums, missing certain players, and showing a lack of experience compared with a far more international outfit in Zurich2. But we persevered, and, throughout the game, overhauled Zurich 2 in line-outs and much of the open play. The forwards supplied the backs with far more ball than in previous games, and they used it to clinical effect.

An air of confidence and calm stayed with the team throughout, especially after some curious decisions by the game’s custodian. Squabbling that was evident a month earlier had disappeared; we knew we had the ability to win in the end; we kept our cool and continued to play at our best. The team is reaching its potential, and no better time in the season to do so!

Final score: Luzern 32 – 21 Zurich2

Tries: Kreegoo, Juan, Andy T., Dominik, Guido, Zebedee (John scored one, but was disallowed, which upset him greatly; this case has been brought to the highest court in the land – The Swiss Court of Anti-discriminatory Measures, or “SCAM” for short –  and is under investigation, and therefore we are under injunction to discuss it further. May God have mercy on us all.)

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