Luzern Men win well against and far too overconfident CERN.

The Luzern Men had a great win last weekend, beating a very overconfident CERN team at Untenberg on Saturday. It was a great game in front of an enthusiastic crowd, with Luzern running out winners 23 – 3.

CERN were never really in the game, with the Luzern boys doing very well in all facets of play. The forwards played particularly well, delivering good ball to the backs, who in turn used it well and were very safe and secure.

The defense was at a premium, particular in the backs where any moves put on by CERN were spoiled by strong, quick “in your face” defense. Well done to everyone! It was a great game!

This game was also almost certainly my last game for Luzern. Note: I might put on the boots again for a Vets game or if I get the chance to play with or against the Dangels, but I not be available to play a cup or league match again.

It was also probably the last time you will see Chris, Andy and myself on the pitch together for Luzern, ending an era that goes back to the very early 1990s. Hay and if you knew the 3 of us back then, it is hard to believe that we would all (will at least Andy & Chris) turn out to be role models for the club and also the honest, decent & upstanding members of the Luzern community that we have become.

Playing with you guys and the many others (i.e. the Shanes, Marcles, Marcuses, Renes, Oscars, Huggys, Robs, Harrys, Morgans, Peters, Richards, Martins, Alexes, Andrews, Toms, Andres, Danis, Retos, and the Heinzes) has been a real pleasure. We have had a great time over the years, whether it be during home games, road/train trips, tournaments or the numerous tours Rugby Club Luzern ventured on, it has been a wonderful time and I will miss it immensely.

As for the current players, I have not played all that much in the last few years, but again it has been great; I think Rugby club Luzern is a wonderful club to be part of. It is also very positive thing for the club that we are no longer reliant on just Ex-pat players, it is great to see so many Swiss guys involved.

Also to see the many young guys wanting to play is wonderful thing. Plus with the club having such a strong and committed (Plus Fun) women’s team is a great bonus and can only be good for the club.

So thanks to all players, past and present and to the current players (Men and Women), good luck for the rest of the season and for your future Rugby careers.


  1. It’s a shame you won’t put on the boots again for RCL. It’s been a pleasure playing with you (even if it has been ages that we ran onto the pitch at the same time or the same team). I guess we all get to that stage at some time. The same obviously goes out to Chris and Andy as well.
    Cheers guys

  2. I thought you said you would retire when I was playing in Luzern, and that was 4 years ago.
    When is the Steven Mottee testimonial game then?

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