NSRV Ladies 15s Rugby plays international…

The NSRV 15s Ladies Rugby team went down to Italy to play against a strong Italian club team (Monza) and last weekend they went to Heidelberg (Germany) to play against the German national 15s team.

The “swiss” 15s team didn’t do as well against Monza, as they expected to (more about the game on rugby.ch), mainly because of not being used playing 15s aside…but they allready improved their game A LOT against the stronger and national opponent from Germany. It is great how the girls are making progress in playing 15s and being able to play decent on an international level.

On the NSRV 15s team are playing right now 7 Dangels: Cynthia, Angi, Lea, Esti, Jeannie, Naja, Carole

You can find more reports and pictures on the following links:






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  1. I am so proud of you girls: Cynthia, Angi, Lea, Esti, Jeannie, Naja, Carole…of course of the others girls too. Also proud of my new team ;D
    See you soon

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