Pickwick Charity Day 22. August

Dear all

Pickwick has a charity day sports in August
it is normally for soccer, but maybe we can can play some 5-5 rugby.
We would have to pay a fee for each team (ca. 100 francs), the money would go to 
the cancer foundation. There are also other events like a potato sack race,
tug a war, etc. 
We have to sign up as soon as possible before all the places in the bus are gone.
Lets give Pickwick our support on there special day.
Please sign up by the 20th of July

Doddle Link

Cheers Jeannie


  1. Hi RCL Members

    This PW day is not just a Dangels thing, would be good to see some guys names on the doodle….

  2. Hi everyone

    Here are some more info for the Piwi day

    We will be happy if you come with us with the Troika Bus to the Charity Sports day.

    The price per person will be 25 Fr. and included the tour to Basel and back, Sandwich and Juice in the bus
    and the dinner in Pickwick when we are back.

    If you like you can start as a mixed team (Jimmy will have 2 teams) or just join the show…

    We will gonna meet 8am @ Schwanenplatz where the bus is waiting for us.

    Cheers Ramona :-))

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