Pink Panthers – Teens Rugby

For Girls and Boys from age 10
Rugby is playfully introduced to the younger players. To learn Rugby specific basics, as running, passing backwards and catching are the main focus. But also the «correct» falling with a ball and tackling (bringing down the opponent ball carrier) will be introduced to the youth step by step. In addition an important goal for us is to encourage their trust in their own abilities, to develop mutual respect and to build Rugby team spirit.

Training: Thursday 6pm bis 7.30pm
Allmend Luzern (Fliegerschuppen)

U14 League (to be born in 2007/2008):
29. August 2020, trainigs day in Würenlos
13. September 2020, tournament in Luzern
27. September 2020, trainigs day in Basel
24. October 2020, tournament in Lugano
07. November 2020, tournament in Zug
21. November 2020, tournament in Lugano

U16 League (to be born in 2005/2006):
30. August 2020, trainigs day in Würenlos
06. September, trainigs day in Zürich
01. November, Match Zug – Zürich
14. November, Match Zug – Lions