RCL Dangels 48 – 10 Bern Red Devils

625506_10151596745672065_1634111714_nA very nervous set of players gathered in wintery conditions for our last home game of this half of the season against one of the stronger teams in Switzerland: Bern. The opening 20 minutes of the men’s’ victory v. Wurenlos and a good warm-up got us in the right frame-of-mind and we started the game strongly. Bern, as always, were excellent at the breakdown and have dangerous runners to capitalize on turn-over ball of which they won far too much. The game didn’t flow as we would have liked, due to our lack of precision: more knock-ons in contact and dropped passes than we would usually see in a whole season! However, our tight five dominated the scrum, we consistently got over the gain line in the tight and we had a power & pace advantage with our outside backs which we exploited to claim a bonus point victory.
Angel of the Game: “The White Jonah Lomu” = Henni for almost unstoppable runs down the left wing.
Devil of the Game: Petra, Petra, Petra: you escaped 2 weeks ago for the try line / dead-ball line fiasco and this week you forgot to return the wings which were left in your care … one day this is all going to catch-up with you!
True disappointment of the day: tragic loss of Tamara-Ann’s peanut-butter ball treats L
Tries: Lolli (a bucketful), Henni, Iris, Esti, Cap’n Mac … others whom I may have forgotten …
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