RCL Dangels v CERN, 05.10.2013

It was a frustrating start to the day. The weather, and the late arrival and lack of numbers arriving from CERN caused us a certain amount of disappointment. After protracted negotiations, it was declared that the official result would be a 30-0 win to the Dangels and we would play a 14-a-side friendly game, the Dangels lending CERN four players to make up their numbers.

Captain Sarah Mac won the toss and elected to play down-wind for the first half. We made good use of the wind, kicking intelligently down the field to gain territory. Carole was able to perform her characteristic bob and weave manoeuvres to take the ball over the try line several times, pleasingly closely supported on every occasion.

In the second half, the Forwards really game into play and all members of the pack gave their all. The Dangels forwards are starting to work well together, with the front and second rows and flankers combining to become a unit. Forwards moves off of the rucks are developing nicely.

The final score was 45-0 to Luzern.

On the positive side, the match goals of confidence, action and discipline were evident. Ball placement in the tackle, rucking and general attention to not giving away penalties were in evidence – pleasing proof that areas discussed in training sessions are being adopted and practised.

We need to work further on the general ball handling, the breakaway of the forwards from set pieces and further improve our rucking.

Special mention goes to Aline, Carien, Hannah and Mirjam for playing whole-heartedly for CERN.

Post-match, the wings were awarded to Nadja for her great effort at second row and the horns Hannah for her enthusiastic playing for CERN. Sarah Stuart was CERN’s choice for their woman of the match for defence.

We now have three weeks to prepare for two big back-to-back games against the strong opposition of Zurich and Bern. We will need to work hard in training on the season’s goals and individual skill levels.

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