RCL DJs have successful & encouraging day at Schaffhausen 13s

RCL DJs had a successful and encouraging day at Schaffhausen’s 13s tournament, March 16, playing the first teams from RC Zurich, Schaffhausen and Winterthur.  We won 1 out of 3 games, beating Schaffhausen.

However, with the rate of learning on the day, we could have been placed 2nd overall, behind Ligue C’s 2nd-placed team, Winterthur.  The team that took on Schaffhausen and Winterthur, compared to the one that started the day against RC Zurich, showed great development.

With so many beginners – some as recent as just a few trainings – and several players out of position, RCL DJs did very well.  There was some great tackling, and plenty of Fat Boys and Shamrocks from the forwards.

A special note goes to Francesco, who tackled a Winterthur boot with his face, resulting in a 10-stitch cut on his cheek.  Well done!  And to Zbärgi who just reported a broken finger.  A quick recovery to both.

Man of the tournament: Francesco

Twat of the tournament: Simon “Kollege” Zenhäuser (chosen because he always wins down-the-pint competitions)

Spitznamen: Simon Zenhäuser is now called “Kollege“; Simon Blättler is now called “Simi“…

PS  This is your brain on Guinness:

Giusi Schaffhausen 1Giusi Schaffhausen 2

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