RCL vs RC Cern – 26.04.08

Hi Guys,

 Tomorrow we play against Cern in Geneva. To be honest, the pitch is 1 Km away from the Swiss border in France. That means: Bring a passport or an ID with you!

 We meet 8:30am at Eichwäldli. To get to Geneva relaxed, we organized a Bus who drives us down and back home. Be punctual! The Bus will leave at this time and all who are late… you know!

So, be motivated and come on time tomorrow. We want to play a good game against Cern and have a good party at the way home!


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  1. hi guys

    what the ….is going on, did you lose 36-0, did you win by forfait…or did you agree a draw (0-0).

    never mind if you need a win against alba or stade preventing to get relegated, you might better call up the old farts

    chapeau for the away win in la chaud de fonds these are rare…

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