RCL2 continue to improve, lose to Biel

A lot of improvements, a lot of opportunities. RCL2 continue to develop, and can look forward to a strong 2014.

Rucking was excellent. The speed at which ball was fed back was impressive, and the consistency was what really counted. The enthusiasm to take on the ball, such as fat boys, demonstrated a hunger. Line outs were good. The backs made several great breaks, with exciting runs from several positions. Unfortunately, due to the rules of the league (which, in fairness, we could benefit from if we have an injury problem), RCL2 were obliged to use 13 players, and had to accept uncontested scrums. This limited what we could do from the outset.

While it was close for large periods, there was the risk that Biel could run away with it in the last 20-30 mins. RCL2 fought on, however, and scored a try late on. This is a great sign of the strength of character in the team.

It’s the finer points that, sadly, ensure wins are still out of reach. A set of halfbacks (#9 and #10) who are used to playing together is something that will push RCL2 beyond these defeats. And that’s where training comes in. Knowing what is wanted from each other – essentially what to do, when and where – is only learned by consistent training.

And tackling is clearly an issue. When an opponent breaks through the first tackle, so often you find yourself chasing back 30, 40, 50 meters. It’s simply not coming as naturally to several guys as running with the ball. And it’s not for lack of commitment or effort; simply, technique has to be developed.

Onwards to a rewarding 2014…and a few road trips with RCL1!

Result: RCL2 12-30 Biel

Man of the Match: Chrigi

Twat of the Match: Biel (for only bringing 13 players)

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  1. Thanks John, these words are caress for my eyes:D RCL2, It’s time to check on our individual and team mistakes on the pitch and try get stronger on those points. Season could be finished for RCL2 this year, but we still can keep on training. I am pretty sure, we can do much, much better, and why not? We have the skills and motivation. Looking foward for a great 2014. Thanks to all for this hard but gratefull begining.

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