RCL2 start life with passion and determination

RCL2 took to the pitch at home to Schaffhausen with a huge number of inexperienced players. Our opponents are probably the best in the league, and likely candidates for Ligue C next season.

We had a scrum with very few scrum trainings under their belts, and a backline only starting to get to grips with positioning, tactics, running angles and defense.  Nonetheless, for most of the game, it didn’t look like that.

RCL2 played with great passion.  The scrum – originally supposed to be uncontested due to the lack of seasoned scrummagers – pushed Schaffhausen back on several occasions. Many of our backs’ runs were exciting to watch.  Some heroic tackling went in, and so many players just had to learn the game in the moment.

Sadly, as is expected when there is such a difference in experience between two teams, the last 15 min saw most of Schaffhausen’s tries. But for 60 mins or so, the game was relatively even, where we hadn’t fallen too far behind.

Key learnings:

– Jungs are encouraged: “Don’t think, just drive!”  When you see the ball-carrier held up in the tackle, or on the ground, the first support player must simply hit and drive: either forward or down to the ground.  Get the maul moving, or form a ruck. But don’t wait and see!

– Watch blind-side defense (the opposite side of the scrum or maul or ruck from where their outhalf, #10, stands). Expect a break along the blind-side.

– Backs: you simply have to start watching a lot of YouTube videos of experienced international back lines. Pick a guy in your position (e.g. center, fullback) and just see how he does it.  Watch for angles of running, positions for defending scrums, positions for attacking scrums, positions for defending kick-offs, etc.

– Hit those rucks low, hard, and with a flat back!  Again, don’t wait and see: hit!  This will improve the speed at which the ball gets back to the scrum half.  Maintaining body positions – low! – will prevent the opposition from driving us back when we think we have the ball won.

– Communicate, communicate, communicate!  From the experienced players to the newest, youngest guys, we need more communication.  “Left” and “Right” are usually enough.  In the maul and ruck: where is the ball?  Tell your teammates!


Overall, this was a highly promising day for RCL as a whole club.  How several RCL2 Jungs played as subs later for RCL1 shows the strength in depth and the benefit of internal competition to the club.  Well done!

Final score: RCL2 6 – 29 Schaffhausen

Man of the Match: Leo, Robi (nominated: Tobias)

Twat of the Day: Kuno (nominated): totally gay slap that earned yellow card…

RCL streak 14.09.2013

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