RCL2’s time will come

RCL2 played Fribourg2 last Saturday in a game that, only in the last 20 mins, really slipped away from them.  The now-cliched explanation of experience gaps was telling in the last part of the game.  With no lack of spirit, a team with only a handful of experienced players battled hard for long periods.  And the usual elements from the previous 2 games were there: passion, urgency, spirit and commitment.  Make no mistake: the two things that stand in RCL2’s way are experience and knowledge of the game.  The potential – which will be realised – is massive, and more impressive than much of what we seen in their opponents.  Time, dear friends, will prove the point.

One of the most promising things about the new era at RCL is that new players are speaking up; telling the coaches when they simply don’t understand aspects of the game, especially what they’re supposed to do when and where.  This is the feedback that will guarantee massive and fast development.  While it is often clear from the sideline when certain players simply haven’t had enough training and instruction, certain players take responsibility and demanding specific teaching and explanation sets them apart.

This season was always going to be very difficult.  But the effort and commitment at training, every Tuesday and Thursday, and the homework done in one’s own time, is what is helping certain players stand out.

Man of the Match: Leo

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