Rugby Club Luzern Launches a new Website!

Rugby Club Luzern has just launched a new website. This new site is powered by WORDPRESS, a web blogging tool, which enables many users to have access to a website. WordPress also has a very user friendly “frontend”, allowing users to quickly and easily post articles, comments and pictures to their site.

Here at RCL.CH we have set up a Web Team, which consists of myself, Chris as Ladies coach, Andy as Mens Coach and President “EL Presidente”, Sarah “El Capitano” as Womens Captain, Esti as Womens Team Manager, Petra as an IT savvy person, who might every now and again post something to the site & Jackie, just to check and correct the spelling on my posts.


With a number of people having access and being able to post stuff, I am convinced the site will be more up-to-date and dynamic. It might also be a bit more fun, with different people doing different stuff. It will certainly be less work for one person, as the workload to keep a site up-to-date will be distributed between all members of the Web Team.

Note: This Web Team is by no means complete, we should be looking to give other people access to post stuff, particularly Raffi as Mens Captain & Rene as Events coordinator.

Also note: The site has a number of features, i.e. dual Language functionality, Future Event handling, Viewer Comments, plus much, much more. I am not going to go into details here, I am sure you will work it out.

Cheers and hope you enjoy the new site.



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