Sunday is the rugby day

16 players & 1 coach made the long, early morning trip to Monthey to play the very first ladies game @ this club. The home team had impressed with their strong tackling in the home game in autumn and had an impressive amount of support pitch-side. The Dangels started the game in slightly messy fashion with strong running leading to a couple of tries but a lack of organization and too many bodies in the 9 > 10 channel meaning we lacked shape & rhythm. We kept the pace of the game high & found Monthey defending out wide particularly well and so started to power through the middle to get on the scoreboard.

Slowly, we settled into our game and particularly after half-time things really began to flow. Everyone making a half-break had support on both sides and backs & forwards mixed together seamlessly, popping the ball out of contact to runners coming with pace. Lala in particular was close to unstoppable and almost every player got herself on the scoreboard. Nyon/Monthey fought & tackled from the first whistle to the last and remain the strongest tackling team we have played all season.

Angel of the Game: Lala: welcome back!
Devil of the Game: Petra, on a rollover from her original award many weeks ago …
Tries & conversions: too many to count!

There was beer. There was a bus ride. There was wine. There was champagne. There was singing. There was a trolley. Least said; soonest mended.

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