The Devil wears Force XV

The Dangels travelled to Yverdon to play a match last Sunday. It was a close match of which I do not know the final score! But we won! 🙂

Petra Imhof had a brilliant game and was deservingly awarded Angel of the Match. Making two great break-throughs with brilliant side-steps, she managed to gain 20-30 metres on her own each time. She even managed to side-step the best female tackler in Switzerland!! Well done Petra!!!

Cynthia Munsterman also had a fantastic game – though was awarded Fallen Angel (i.e. Devil) of the Match due to: missing two conversions right in front of the posts; tackling her own team-mate Jackie even after she had passed the ball (though nobody saw it!); not to mention scoring a try against her own team!! Though the last two reasons was whilst she played with Yverdon for 10 minutes 😉 But the real reason she got them was because she forgot to bring her ‘Angel’ wings from the previous match!! And for those that don’t know, Yverdon’s jerseys are made by ‘Force XV’ 🙂

(Photos to follow sometime later!)


  1. hey congratulations tigger! and by lea+jackie, I was surprised how good you two played after saturday…good job.
    see you in practice! cc

  2. What??? Who was out and about the night the before a game?? I don’t believe it, how ill-disciplined! Than never happened in my day!

  3. On the video it was quite clear that Cynthia Munsterman already started the movement when the ball was still in Jacky Yen’s hands. It was obvious that she could not stop the already ongoing movement. 🙂

  4. As the mens team seem to be getting a bit lazier week by week, it might be time to replace them for a game by the Old Farts – we are indeed going to take part and play for victory in the BEACH RUGBY tournement of Ticino in Bellinzona on 16/17th of June!!!.
    Meanwhile the Dangles are on the roll, so I suggest that the men certainly all come out to support the Dangles for the decisive Match away against Zürich on the 13th of May and of course on Sunday in Luzern against Basel Feminine.

    PS Stevio the website: Heel goed gemaakt Bravo

  5. Well done. Freue mich schon auf Sonntag. Hab’ euch schon lange nicht mehr spielen gesehen. Werde Keira zu Unterstützung das Dangels-Shirt-Skirt anziehen.

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