Tom’s Memorial, Friday 31st October, 19:00, Abdankungshalle, Crematorium Luzern

Tom’s tribute on Friday night at 19:00 (October 31):  Abdankungshalle des Krematoriums Luzern, Ibachstrasse 2.

Parking: you can park in the main parking lot in Friedenstal, and then you have to walk about 5 to 10 minutes through the cemetary on the main path there which takes you right to the Abdankungshalle des Krematoriums. There is limited parking near the chapel as well – but this will fill up pretty fast.

If you are not going by car, you can take bus number 19 right to Friedenstal.

Dress Casual – that’s what Tom would’ve wanted.

If you can get a white rose for Tom to say farewell to him – it would be great if you could bring one. Afterwards, we’ll place these with him at the Aufbahrungshalle where Tom will rest all weekend before he makes the journey back to the


UK next week.

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  1. Dearest Tom,
    Hambe Kahle

    My love and thoughts to Jenny, Jeremy, Nicola, Alistair, Richard and Mathew.

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