Tough victory down in Lausanne

RCL1 took on Alba Lausanne in a match we badly needed to win. After disappointing back-to-back defeats in the previous 2 weeks – losing by a total of 3 points – we had to break this pattern.

The first half was tough, and RCL1 went in at the break behind. Memories of a tough start in La Chaux-de-Fonds a few weeks earlier: how would the character of RCL1 – especially with so many new Jungs – show?

Our defense was solid throughout, as is the progression through this season. Alba had the majority of possession over the 80 mins, but when the RCL1 defense is working, it’s pressure we can sustain.

Communication was the issue, though. Sometimes too many voices (especially in the pack); sometimes too few. This was discussed in detail after the match and at subsequent training. Weak areas of performance are not so much the issue as not changing things in the following games. We are confident now that communication is improving.

Throughout, the scrum and lineout were solid – more consistent and continuing improvements. The backs linked up well and let very little through. RCL1 is also going through teething problems, with several new players, being thrown in with little experience. They’re battling well, but these changes take time to manage.

In the end, the victory by 3 tries to 1 put the scoreline in perspective. There was little real concern with being overturned, and perhaps RCL1’s winning margin by the end was short of our potential, and there was a realistic, grounded air by the end. We had a lot better to offer. Still, a win is a win, and it’s never easy in France…

Finally, some great scrapping by several Jungs – especially our new Bad Boy, Belushi. It takes a lot to get him riled up…and it’s great to see!

Result: Alba Lausanne 11-19 RCL1

Man of the Match: Paddy

Twat of the Match: Texi (learn the rules!) (Nomination of John – for getting sick on the journey home – was overruled by judicial review.)

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