Trainer’s comments to the Fribourg game – Get ready for the Zug Match!

Hi there

Another weekend and another match – we started of weakly and got better during the match.

What’s still missing? …the confidence to attack hard and to feel we can beat these teams. Also on a detail point we are still making too many small mistakes. The goal for this week is to:

1. Attack hard and with confidence
2. Play good clean rugby

Remember Zug is a tough team to beat – they are strong on the ground and at breakdowns so we have to work on our calls and coordinate well with forwards and backs – we have to be first at rucks and mauls and with aggression!! That gives us point 3:

3. Be first at rucks and mauls, in numbers and with aggression!

Get training so that we can work on these points collectively.

See you tomorrow


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