Two forward one back

On the weekend of August 5th & 6th a limited edition of the Dangels crew went down to Geneva to participate at the beach rugby tournament.

For a game 4 players were needed and having Tammie, Melissa, Lala and Petra in the team this was all that was needed to succeed! 2 x 5 minutes in the beach is exhausting, running two steps forward going one back J. Having no substitute does not make it easier to defeat the opponent. However the 4 girls gave all they could, winning several games in the ultimate seconds by digging deep for the last bit of energy. Excellent defensive skills made up for the lack of aggressive attack (this of course was the energy safe mode due to a lack of substitute players) ;-)… Winning every game, except for the last one against Belgium, where the power had come to an end. However the Dangels managed to keep up their strong defence work AND score 2 tries – enough to break a tie!!!

Congratulations to the winners!!!

And thanks to Lolli and Julia for coming down on Saturday night and celebrate the victory J

written by Tigger – Petra

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